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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

On a stormy autumn day, rain pours down as thunder rumbles, setting a grim mood. Standing on the porch, the tension between us is as thick as the clouds overhead.Tears fall down my cheeks as my stepfather pushes me against the wall, holding my hair tightly. He hits my face over and over, making my lip bleed and my eye puff up. I fall to the floor, crying hard.'Please, stop! Why are you doing this?' I beg ...

Chapter 1: The Ultimatum of Marcus

Marcus Rossi, known as a mafia boss, walked into the big, old warehouse and saw ten men in black suits kneeling on the floor. The place wasn't as fancy as his usual haunts.There was a nice chair for Marcus, and he sat down calmly. Other men stood around the room, each holding a gun. The kneeling men didn't have any weapons.Two men in black suits stood behind Marcus. He reached out with his right hand, and one of ...

Lily's Point of View. 6 years old.

I open my eyes and stretch big, reaching my hands super high. I'm all snuggled up inside a big, cozy tree! But, how did I get here? I can't remember. Under my toes, there's the softest moss ever, so I crawl out to see this place. All around, the forest animals come to say hi. They nuzzle their cute noses on my legs, and when I sit on the grass, they all cuddle in my lap. There are bunnies, foxes, squirrels, deer, big elks, birds, and ...

They were victims of a rogue attack.

I got up early, charged with excitement. Tomorrow's my eighteenth birthday, the day I meet my wolf.
Despite the rumors of pain during the first shift, I wasn't bothered. Pain is temporary, and it eases with time. I can handle a bit of it.I just wished my parents could see my first shift. It's been eight years since they passed, and it's still tough.They were victims of a rogue attack.Rogues are ...

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