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Text To Speech Chrome Extension

Elevate your browsing capabilities with the Peech Chrome Extension. Peech is invaluable for any text, allowing you to read aloud web pages, PDFs, Google Docs,  long research papers, images and any other documents with ease.

Effortlessly save your favourite articles to the app in just 2 clicks. Streamline your experience—download now!

How it works

1. Install Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web store
2. Log In to your Peech account using your favourite method (Google, Facebook or Apple)
3. Open an article on the Web page you want to add to the Peech app
4. Click Save
5. Restart the app to make the article appear in Peech
6. Tap to listen
7. Enjoy!

Install Chrome Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Text-to-Speech Chrome extension

1. Improved accessibility for those with visual impairments, dyslexia, or reading difficulties by allowing them to have written content read aloud.

2. Hands-free consumption of any text: online articles, documents, emails, and ebooks, enabling multitasking and increasing productivity.

3. Enhanced comprehension and retention by engaging multiple senses (hearing and reading) when consuming content.

4. Customizable settings like speed, language and theme mode to personalize Text-to-Speech experience.

5. Compatibility anytext format (web page, PDF, ebook) across multiple languages and platforms (desktop, mobile).

6. Convenience for situations where reading is difficult or unsafe, such as while driving or performing other tasks.

7. Assistance for language learners by hearing proper pronunciation and intonation.

8. Text-to-speech can be a valuable tool for those with cognitive impairments, such as attention deficit disorders, by improving focus and engagement with written material.

9. A great Text-to-Speech addition for those who spend a lot of time on the computer.

Is "Save to Peech" Chrome extension worth it?

Compared to other Text-to-Speech Chrome extensions, Peech doesn't have a lot of features at the moment, but it will appeal to those who already experience the functionality of the application.

Is the Peech Chrome extension free?

Downloading and installing Peech is free and easy and can happen in just a few simple steps. In the free version, users can add any documents and use it as a Read-it-Later app. Users of the paid version have the ability to listen to high-quality Text-to-Speech voice without restrictions.

Why use the Peech Text-to-Speech Reader?

1. Converts any text, PDF, article, or physical book into realistic AI-generated audio in over 50 languages, allowing hands-free consumption.

2. Increases the speed of consuming written content by up to 5 times compared to the reading speed.

3. Offers convenience by enabling users to listen to any text as audiobooks on the go.

4. Provides speech text accessibility features for those with visual impairments, dyslexia, or reading difficulties by transforming text into audio.

5. Allows multitasking and increased productivity by enabling users to consume content via audio while performing other tasks.

6. Utilizes advanced machine learning models to generate high-quality, natural-sounding voices for an immersive experience.

7. Offers affordable pricing plans, including weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions for unlimited access to the app's features.

In summary, Peech's text-to-speech capabilities, natural voice quality, affordability, and accessibility features make it a valuable tool for hands-free content consumption, multitasking, and catering to diverse needs of the users.