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Best Novel Writing Software in 2024

Welcome to Peech Blog! Today, we're delving deep into the exciting world of novel-writing tools for 2024. We've got a mix of both free and paid options lined up for you, designed to equip writers of all stripes with the essentials for crafting their stories. Whether you're just starting out or you've got a few novels under your belt, the perfect writing software can revolutionize your creative process, blending efficiency with a spark of creativity. Let’s jump right in!

Understanding the Impact of Novel Writing Software

At the heart of a writer's toolkit is novel writing software, a game-changer in the literary landscape. This isn't just about typing words on a screen; it's about finding a companion that understands and adapts to your unique storytelling rhythm. These tools do more than just organize text and chapters – they're your partners in sculpting characters and weaving narratives. The key is discovering a tool that echoes your voice as an author and caters to your individual needs. Let's explore some of the best options out there!

Benefits of Using Novel Writing Software

Writing software for novels has a lot of pros. It can help with organizing your story, tracking character arcs, and even in editing. The good one will save a lot of time and effort you invest in organization and formatting so that you have more time for thinking about creativity and storytelling.

Considerations Before Choosing Writing Software

Before we even start discussing the options, first, it is important to establish what are you looking for. Do you want full-featured editing tools or you just need a minimum environment, without distractions? Secondly, budget-wise, there are free tools and tools that might require some kind of subscription, or one-time payment.

Top Paid Novel Writing Software in 2024

Following are the most leading story writing software in 2024 that takes the cake due to their advanced features and easy user interface. Below mentioned is some of the top paid novel writing software for the year 2024.

Scrivener: The One-Stop Shop Novel Writing Software.

Among other contenders, Scrivener remains to be the favorite among the novelists courtesy of its extensive features that cater specifically for long-form writing. It's known for the corkboard feature that allows writers to organize chapters and scenes. Available at one-time purchase price.

Ulysses: Clean Writing Environment

Ulysses has a clean, distraction-free interface that is ideal for people who do not like many distractions. This software gets its subscription fee depending on the billing duration in which the user chooses to pay. As it provides cloud synchronization across devices, this makes Ulysses time-saving and convenient for those who use different platforms to write.

ProWritingAid: It's More Than Writing Tool

ProWritingAid acts as the novel writing software but is not only an in-depth grammar checker but also a style editor. Coming into different pricing modules, which once purchased, it lasts a lifetime, it suits writers with reach aims for editing their prose.

Novel Factory: The Innovative Site for Novel Writers

The name says it all - the Novel Factory is designed specifically to serve as a tool to novel writers, in order to assist them in planning their novel structure, developing characters, and even tracking submissions. It is available on a subscription basis and comes with features that are custom built for the serious novelist.

Best Free Software for Novel Writing in 2024

For those who do not like to spend a fortune, there is software that provides all the functionalities free of cost.

Google Docs: A Plain Text Collaboration Platform

Google Docs would be very attractive due to its simplicity and collaboration feature. Lack of a variety of advanced novel-specific tools should not discourage the users since this is compensated for by the ease with which they use it.

yWriter: A Writer Writing for Writers

yWriter is another free tool created by a novelist, focusing on breaking down novels into manageable chunks. It's particularly effective for planning and organization, though it requires more learning time compared to some other options.

FocusWriter: Distraction-Free Writing Environment

FocusWriter provides a clean and distraction-free interface, perfect for writers who need to concentrate. It may lack advanced editing tools but is great for drafting without distractions.

Evernote: Organization of Ideas and Research

Evernote, though not specifically designed for novel writing, offers valuable note-taking and organization capabilities for planning and researching your next novel or story.

User Experience and Reviews

We can safely conclude from actual user experiences that, while preferences vary, the best software is the one that aligns with your workflow. Scrivener is praised for its comprehensive set of features, and Ulysses for its simplicity. Free tools, like Google Docs, are appreciated for being straightforward and accessible.

Use Software in Writing Habits

The use of novel writing software also suggests the necessity to try this tool in action. Initially, apply it to specific tasks, like planning or drafting, and then slowly integrate its functionality into your general writing process.

Novel Writing Software Lifetime

It can be concluded that as technology advances, writing software might become more complex and expressive, potentially integrated with AI to serve as a creative assistant.


In 2024, there are many software options for writers, featuring various attractive features and capabilities. Whether you choose paid software like Scrivener or a free platform like Google Docs, it depends on your writing style and needs as a writer.

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